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Terrasure® Associate Program

TerraSure is the only Guaranteed Fixed-Price Environmental Remediation (GFPR) provider that is openly accessible to all qualified environmental professionals and contractors. Through our TerraSure Associate Program (TAP), companies providing environmental remediation services may provide GFPR to their clients and prospects under the TerraSure name. Offering a GFPR option to your client allows you to maintain your competitive advantage.

  • We execute a TerraSure Master Services Agreement – have your TerraSure representative send you the standard draft.
  • Together we perform our preliminary due diligence.
  • TerraSure will issue a “Letter of Interest” outlining our initial cost estimate and what additional steps are necessary to bind the price.
  • We perform additional due diligence upon expression of interest by client.
  • TerraSure presents a firm offer.
  • TerraSure negotiates the terms and conditions of our fixed-price Remediation Agreement and executes it.
  • We implement the project – with you as the "point of contact" for the client, allowing you to perform the cleanup work.
  • TerraSure ensures that a  “No further Action” or “Certificate of Completion” letter is issued from the regulator to the client, demonstrating site closure.

We invite other environmental consulting and contracting firms to team with us!

  • We Protect Your Role in the Project
  • We Develop the Project Together
  • You Assist in Project Development
  • You Perform the Work You Would Normally Do
  • You May Participate in Risk/Reward
  • You May Contract Only for Time and Materials


  • Why Become a TerraSure Associate?
    • To Compete Against Other “Closed” GFPR Companies
    • To Lock in All Project Phases
    • To Supplement Your Company's Expertise/Resources with Ours
    • Participate in Risk/Reward
    • Avoid Cost and “Brain Damage” of Developing GFPR