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The TerraSure® Process

The TerraSure Process

TerraSure is committed to providing each project opportunity with the attention necessary to explore whether Guaranteed Fixed-Price Remediation will work at the subject property. Recognizing that some sites are further along in the assessment and remediation process than others, we will work with you develop a workable solution that will result in GFPR contract. We can even provide you with side-by-side cost comparisons of other contracting mechanisms such as time and materials (T&M) and lump sum (LS), and advise you regarding the relative risk versus cost.  Whether or not you ultimately select a GFPR solution for your site, we want to be your trusted advisor with respect to managing the environmental risks.

The following are the typical steps in the TerraSure process:


  1. We perform our preliminary due diligence.
  2. We issue an “Indication” outlining our initial cost estimate and, (if needed), what additional steps are necessary  to bind the price.
  3. Additional due diligence (if necessary) upon expression of interest by client.
  4. TerraSure presents a “Letter of Intent”.
  5. We negotiate the terms and conditions of our fixed-price remediation agreement and execute.
  6. TerraSure implements the project.
  7. We deliver the “No Further Action” or “Certificate of Completion” letter from the regulator to demonstrate site closure.

For sites with incomplete or inadequate environmental data, TerraSure will provide the client with our cost estimate to assess the site. Subsequently, we will submit our firm's GFPR for contract negotiations. In some cases, these costs may be rolled into our GFPR contract.