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The TerraSure® Difference

Benefits and Features

The potential benefits of the TerraSure Program include:

  • Guarantee regulatory closure for a fixed price
  • Indemnify owners, buyers, and lenders/investors from environmental cleanup liability
  • Protect against regulatory re-openers, third-party claims, and undiscovered contamination
  • Transfer protection and indemnification to new owner(s)
  • Reduce real project costs through innovative techniques and flexible, performance-based payment terms

TerraSure’s Unique Features

  • Fully integrated technical and risk management (insurance) approach as opposed to a “bolt on” arrangement between engineering firm and insurer
  • Favorable “milestone payment” terms
  • Well-conceived and received contract document
  • Fills the market gaps left by “cost cap” insurance
  • TerraSure Associate Program allows other contractors/consultants to offer fixed-price remediation services by partnering with TerraSure
  • Provides the only mechanism for insurance companies to issue "cost cap" policies.