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The TerraSure® Process

Preliminary Due Diligence

In order for our Team to get going on preparing a TerraSure Letter of Interest (LOI) for you, we consider the following information important in developing a project strategy:

  • Names of the parties involved (site owner, main tenant, seller)
  • Type of transaction, if any (lease, property sale, etc.)
  • Information regarding any pending litigation
  • Proposed use of the property (single family residential, commercial, industrial)
  • Development/Site plans (line drawings, renditions, etc.)

Technical Information

  • Recent Phase I Environmental Site Assessment(s), if available
  • Phase II and other subsurface investigation reports
  • Feasibility Study
  • Remedial Action Plan (RAP)/Corrective Action Plan (CAP)
  • RAP/CAP Approval Letter from regulatory agency
  • Any other technical information
  • Regulatory agency status

Due to the often sensitive nature of environmental information and transactional information, we routinely execute confidentiality agreements. Please contact us if you are interested in obtaining a GFPR indication from TerraSure and wish to execute a confidentiality agreement.