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Dry Cleaner Machine Repair and Distribution Warehouse

Location: San Diego, California
Context: Real Estate Transaction
Status: Ongoing


Dry Cleaner Machine Repair and Distribution WarehouseA former wholesale distribution warehouse that distributed dry-cleaning solvents contaminated a site with chlorinated solvents and associated degradation products. The major contaminants of concern included perchloroethylene (PCE), trichloroethylene (TCE), and vinyl chloride. Groundwater, located more than 200 feet below ground surface, was impacted. However, since it was not being used as drinking water, the most significant risk was from vapor intrusion.


TerraSure Development, LLC pursued a No Further Action status for the warehouse facility with the California Environmental Protection Agency. As part of a Guaranteed Fixed-Price Remediation (GFPR) agreement, our firm prepared various work plans, performed routine operation and maintenance of a soil-vapor extraction system, conducted quarterly groundwater monitoring, and prepared associated quarterly progress reports.


Since the GFPR contract began, our firm has made substantial upgrades to the soil-vapor extraction system process and removed more than 14,000 pounds of chlorinated solvents from the site through continued, fixed-price remediation services. The concentration of soil vapor PCE was reduced from more than 10,000 µg/L to approximately 100 µg/L. The indoor air concentration, under normal operating conditions, was improved, and the concentration level is now within the risk-based target for chlorinated solvents.