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Shopping Center Soil and Groundwater Remediation

Location: Fort Myers, Florida
Context: Real Estate Remediation
Status: Closure requested


Ft. Myers Shopping CenterThe owner of the Colonial Plaza shopping center had difficulty selling the 15-acre property due to soil and groundwater contamination. A previous environmental site assessment (ESA) detected elevated levels of dissolved dry cleaning solvents, caused by the activities of five former dry cleaning operations, located at three different areas of the property. The Florida Department of Environmental Protection (FDEP) required a site remediation. A prospective buyer was interested in the property; however, the deal was delayed, because a sale price could not be agreed on due to the uncertainty of investigation and cleanup costs.


TerraSure Development, LLC offered the property owner a guaranteed fixed-price remediation (GFPR) contract to clean up the site. Our firm prepared a Health and Safety Plan prior to the remediation, completed an ESA according to FDEP’s consent order, and evaluated the soil and groundwater quality in three water-bearing zones.

The initial remedial action involved multiple stages, and the remedial action plan (RAP) was approved by FDEP. Sodium lactate was applied to the groundwater over the course of five stages. To introduce sodium lactate to the site, a total of 133 injection points were installed in 63 single- or nested-injection point locations. Using this injection-point network, approximately 993 pounds of sodium lactate was applied to the shallow aquifer zone, approximately 520 pounds was added to the intermediate aquifer zone, and approximately 386 pounds was added to the deep acquifer zone.


Our firm’s turnkey solution for site remediation was delivered at a fixed price, included environmental liability protection, and enabled the property owner to walk away from the project after struggling with it for many years. Our firm executed a voluntary consent order with FDEP and continues to conduct soil and groundwater testing in a manner that does not interfere with the retail operations.