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Valley Street Site Remediation

Location: Providence, Rhode Island
Context: Historic Site Remediation
Status: Active


Valley Street Site RemediationRedevelopment of this industrial complex was delayed when environmental site impacts, stemming from previous metal plating facilities occupying the site, were discovered. Due to daily activities that took place at the former metal plating facilities, the historic properties at 52 and 60 Valley Streets were contaminated with chlorinated volatile organic compounds. The contaminants included trichloroethene, tetrachloroethene, and heavy metals. The level of contamination was above the industrial and residential standards, causing potential health and environmental concerns at the site, and the redevelopment could not move forward.


TerraSure Development, LLC performed remedial activities to return the abandoned industrial properties to mixed-residential and commercial use. Our firm provided the design and implementation of several remedial approaches, including enhanced reductive dechlorination, soil vapor extraction, sub-slab ventilation, excavation and disposal of hazardous materials, and capping.

Our firm was recognized by the Providence Preservation Society of Rhode Island for this mixed-use development project, which received the Adaptive Reuse/Neighborhood Revitalization award. In addition, due to the cutting-edge technologies used in the enhanced reductive dechlorination portion of the remediation, the Rhode Island Department of Environmental Management (RI DEM) now uses this project as a case study for similar ventures.


Our firm’s guaranteed fixed-price remediation was instrumental in the restoration of one of the community’s oldest property sites, which represents a rich history of industry. The historic properties were remediated on schedule and within budget, and the successful and efficient remediation made it possible for the RI DEM to allow occupancy of the buildings, prior to the completion of redevelopment activities. The historic mill complex was revived with new and safe spaces for living, working, shopping, and holding events.